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Dadaab refuge camps are in a desert in northeastern Kenya, but sometimes, in the fall, torrential rains wash away the only road connecting the camps to the outside world and provide children with a place to play.
002 Phtoographer: Ellis Cose

Abass Mohamed’s young siblings find inspiration in their brother’s odyssey to Princeton and hope to emulate his success.

002Photographer: Jason Dean

Rwanda, a country of roughly 8 million, lost between 700,00 and one million people to genocide of 1994. Now a new generation tried to get beyond the hostilities of the past.
012Photographer: Jason Dean

Ahmadabad is the largest city in the Indian state of Gujarat and the scene of a vibrant and frenzied street life.
001 Photographer: Jason Dean

In the town of Gitwe, in southern Rwanda, mothers from miles around bring children to see doctors from Medical Missions for Children offering surgery for cleft lips and other problems.
014Photographer: Jason Dean
Faizal Park is colony in Ahmadabad in India. It sprang up after the anti Muslim riots of 2002 and became home to hundreds of dislocated families who lost husbands and fathers and had to start life anew.
010Photographer: Jason Dean

Thousands were left homeless by the anti-Muslim riots in Gujarat in February 2002. Many children also lost their fathers and resettled with their mothers in Faizel Park, Ahmadabad, where they started life anew.
011Photographer: Jason Dean

Abass Mohamed’s grandmother taught her son to believe in the power of education – a message he transmitted to his own children.
004Photographer: Jason Dean

Dadaab refugee camps in Kenya house more than 160,000 refugees, the vast majority from neighboring Somalia. Most have been warehoused for years, with little hope of returning home.
008Photographer: Jason Dean

Abass Mohamed escaped Dadaab refugee camps by going to Princeton University. His sister and mother, like tens of thousands of others, stayed behind.
006Photographer: Jason Dean

In Rwanda, where iodized salt is not widely consumed, tens of thousands suffer from iodine-deficiency goiter disorders, creating intense demand on a insufficient medical system.
013Photographer: Jason Dean

In their own village Dalit children – often called Untouchables – are generally scorned. But in an environmentally friendly school set up by the Navsarjan Trust near the city of Ahmadabad they are treated with dignity and respect.
009Photographer: Jason Dean

Hours before dawn, mothers gathered on the grounds of Gitwe Hospital in southern Rwanda to await the doctors and nurses of Medical Missons for Children.
015Photographer: Jason Dean

Abass Mohamed’s father, mother and grandmother provided the foundation and faith that allowed him to set his sights on one of the world’s great universities even though he lived in one of the world’s most wretched refugee camps.
007Photographer: Jason Dean

Dadaab refugee camps have no electricity, no running water, and virtually no natural resources but children there, like children everywhere, find joy in each other.
008Photographer: Jason Dean