Against the Odds

Against the Odds is a public radio/multimedia documentary series that profiles people who have overcome significant obstacles in life. They are stories of uplift but also stories with a serious message; and they have a particular focus on people from marginalized groups who don’t typically get a lot of media play.

Hope on a Pile of Bones introduces listeners to a range of people who are building the new Rwanda. In this segment, we meet Anglican Bishop John Rucyahana, founder of the Sonrise boarding school, which took in orphans of the Rwandan genocide. We also visit a village built by Rucyahana’s ministry, where victims and perpetrators of the 1994 genocide live in harmony.

“Ivy League Refugee” aired in 2008 on over two hundred public radio stations nationwide. Ellis Cose is the creator, executive production, writer and host.


Ellis Cose was the focus of an hour-long C-SPAN broadcast featuring audio and video clips from his “Against The Odds”. View the full program here.

AGAINST THE ODDS is supported by The Ford Foundation, the Daniel and Joanna S. Rose Fund, The Atlantic Philanthropies, and The Goldman Sachs Foundation.