The End of Anger

Weaving material from myriad interviews as well as two large and ambitious surveys that he conducted-one of black Harvard MBAs and the other of graduates of A Better Chance, a program offering elite educational opportunities to thousands of young people of color since 1963-Cose offers an invaluable portrait of contemporary America that attempts to make sense of what a people do when the dream, for some, is finally within reach as one historical era ends and another begins. In short, The End of Anger is not just about blacks but about America-its past and its hoped-for future-and may well be the most important book dealing with race to be published in recent decades.

The End of Anger: A New Generation’s Take on Race and Rage

Co n t e n t s

Introduction: A New Age and a New Generation

1 Revising the Racial Contract

2 Children of the Dream

3 From the Hallowed Halls of Harvard

4 Fighters, Dreamers, and Believers

5 Hostiles, Neutrals, and Allies

6 Reaching Across the Generational Divide

7 A Place to Call Home

8 Jail, Jobs, School, and Hope

9 The End of Black Politics, Reconsidered

10 The Future of Civil Rights

11 Prejudice, Equality, and Our Capacity for Change

Appendix: Black Harvard MBAs Share Their Rules for Success 285