Table of Contents for Color-Blind

Introduction: Trapped in the Dominant dialogue

1. Can a new race surmount old prejudices?

2. If destiny is not all in the genes, why do we keep looking there?

3. Achieving educational parity in six simple steps

4. The limits of desegregation

5. Should affirmative action be kicked out of college?

6. Does affirmative action still have a future?

7. Looking into and behind the color-blind mind

8. Twelve steps toward a race-neutal nation

Here’s what they are saying about Color-Blind…

“Ellis Cose . . . has written a book this country desperately needs, one with genuine healing potential. And he does so without modifying his belief that significant racial injustice persists in the United States. . . . Mr. Cose avoids assigning blame and sees merit in the arguments of his antagonists–effective strategies for getting whites to listen to the realities of black pain.”

–Alan Wolfe, The New York Times Book Review

“A good primer for anyone who wants to see what has been going on with race relations through the eyes of a journalist who keeps a microscope on the subject.”

–Juan Williams, Los Angeles Times

“Accurately assesses the contradictory nature of U.S. race relations: they often get better and worse at the same time.”

–R. Z. Sheppard, Time Magazine

“A standout, filled with keen and novel solutions to racial conflict. A thoughtful and inspiring book.”

–Dr. Alvin F. Poussaint, Harvard Medical School

“Ellis Cose argues convincingly that racism persists in America today for the very reasons that too many Americans fail to acknowledge it and to actively work to break down the artificial boundaries that divide one human from another. In doing so, Cose…moves us one step closer to its end”

–Senator Bill Bradley