Best Defense

Justice isn’t always black and white. Cutthroat defense attorney and rising celebrity Felicia Fontaine is about to tackle her biggest –and seemingly most unwinnable — case yet, defending a white businessman accused of killing an office rival, a Hispanic man promoted over him. With her reputation and confidence on the line, the every-savvy Felicia needs to watch her every step to successfully get through this controversial case dubbed the “Affirmative Action Murder” by a salacious press. She won’t get any breaks from the prosecution, though, for the DA is none other than her toughest adversary, and former flame, Mario Santiago, a smart, ethical professional who’ll do what it takes–even if it means risking his new marriage-to win a conviction.

Thrust into the spotlight of a critical and unrelenting media, under the wary eyes of a divided country, these to passionate lawyers will face off in a trial that will explore the deceptive difference between justice and revenge–a case where truth has no meaning against outrage, envy, ambition, and desire. A case you will never forget.

Here’s what they are saying about The Best Defense

“A powerful courtroom drama of murder and suspense.”


“A formidable first novel…Thought-provoking…Crisp, fast-paced, and engaging..In a genre glutted with lightweight fare, The Best Defense reaches higher to explore more complex and important issues.”

–Seattle Times

“That rarity, an unpredictable courtroom drama.”

–Kirkus Reviews

“Thoroughly entertaining…Cose handles his story so adroitly that it is difficult to resist being pulled in.”

–Philadelphia Inquirer