A Man’s World

Using the combination of interviews, reportage and analysis that distinguished his critically acclaimed The Rage of a Privileged Class, Ellis Cose investigates this growing problem and puts it into context, providing men and women with a reasoned and informative guide to navigating an increasingly bewildering world.

More than simply a look at the modern male psyche, A Man’s World provides provocative answers to these questions and many more.

Contents of A Man’s World

* Why are men committing suicide in so much higher numbers than women?

* Why aren’t men more willing to embrace equality in the workplace?

* Do men just “not get it” when it comes to sexual harassment?

* What is the dating scene like in this age of sex codes and anti-date-rape campaigns?

* How do child custody disputes affect men, and how are children affected by fatherlessness?

* Whatever happened to the men’s movement?

* Is there hope for men and women to get beyond the angry gender-warrior rhetoric?

* Is white male anger justified?

Here’s what they are saying about A Man’s World...

“Mr. Cose’s energy is daunting and his is a welcome voice of moderation.”

–New York Times Book Review

“Cose is fast emerging as one of the most lucid and thoughtful social analysts on the writing circuit.”

–Seattle Times