Excerpt from The End of Anger

Uptown interview with Ellis Cose

Essence review of The End of Anger

The Race Gap in the Economic Recovery

Fallen Star
Artur Davis was on track to be Alabama’s first African-American governor—till he took black voters for granted.

Want to See Obama’s Future? Take a Look at Cory Booker.
Newark Mayor Cory Booker is converting campaign inspiration into capable governance.

Movement ‘Mother’
The legacy of Dorothy Height.

Don’t Dismiss Michael Steele
Just because he has been an ineffective RNC
chairman doesn’t mean he isn’t also held to a different standard.

Drowning in Hate

Ugly rhetoric perverts our politic

What’s the Moral Price for Playing Politics?
Antigay policies can be attributed to populist,
even democratic, politics, but that does not absolve
their perpetrators of bigotry.

David Paterson’s Dilemma
Black solidarity no longer trumps all.

Black and Blue at the Times
A top editor’s bruising experience.

A New Jim Crow?
The tragedy of America’s jails.

Children Are Not Too Old to Change
Rehabilitative approaches work better than punitive ones in reforming juvenile offenders. So why don’t more states adopt them?

Red, Brown, and Blue
America’s color lines are shifting

The GOP’s Civil-Rights Problem

The ‘Un-Palin’
Oprah is the real unifier in chief.

For 40 years it has taught children diversity and the alphabet, but what else should we be teaching them?

The idiocy of axing older employees.

ACORN, Heal Thyself
The group’s problems lie within

How Obama Made Earth Wind & Fire Cool Again
Some 40 years later, the funk band is still selling out stadiums. Thank you, Mr. President

What Sotomayor is Starting
The evolution of Latino politics

Actual Innocense
A death-row case tests whether swift justice can also be certain.

Caricature Witness
The ugly assumptions behind the case against Judge Sotomayor.

A Message of Hope From a Pile of Bones
If Rwanda can recover, says an Anglican bishop, others can, too.

A New Mission for the NAACP
The youngest president in association history leads at a time when many question the body’s very necessity. .

Changing The GOP
Steele’s task: transforming a party that likes the way it is.

Revisiting ‘The Rage of a Privileged Class’
Obama’s presidency renders absurd the argument that blacks are barred from playing at the highest levels. But do isolated victories add up to systemic change?

An Epic Moment, Yes. But Transcendent? No.
Americans are getting more comfortable with one another

To Dream a Little Dream of Us
This contest is not about who is the best orator; it is more about who is the best dream merchant.

So What If He Were Muslim?
We haven’t fully accepted the notion that all religions should have equal access to the Oval Office.

The Meaning of a Milestone
Obama exceeded expectations. Can he raise them, too?

Ready, But Are We Willing?
We may have arrived at the point where race, even as it remains a potent factor, is not the only or most important one.

McCain’s Hidden Advantage
No matter what Obama does or what issue he takes, many voters may vote purely on demographic and racial terms.

The Lessons of Rwanda
The important thing is not how quickly the country is healing but how easily it descended into madness.

It Was Always Headed Here
Obama invited some serious thinking, an invitation that’s been extended many times in the past.

Understanding Obama’s Appeal
What his fans see—and why it’s trouble for Clinton.

A Dispute Over The Dream
This election is about making history; each campaign sees the other one as an obstacle to that effort.

An Obama-Carter Reality Check
Obama’s candidacy, even if he loses, has already had a huge impact on American perceptions.

The Rise of a New American Underclass
The real issue is not how many people to let in, but how to help them all fit in.

The Harm of ‘Get Tough’ Policies
The Supreme Court’s ruling on federal cocaine sentences could be a turning point—toward justice and righting an old wrong.

Why I Write
I pondered why it was that my city, my world, was so divided by color.

Opening Doors for Fellow Refugees
Solis fled Nicaragua. Now she’s forming a foundation to help other refugees come to U.S. universities.

From A Prison to Princeton
His dorm room was ‘beautiful,’ he says. ‘I didn’t have to use my kerosene lamp.’

Ignore the Noose Makers
Because of lynching’s violent, racist history, the mere invocation of it can make people insanely angry.

Obama: Go On Offense
Democrats should rely on appeals that evoke fairness, equality and a common destiny.

Little Rock, 50 Years Later